Estate Planning

Marriage is distant for same-sex couples in Florida, but certain legal rights and responsibilities are within reach

By W. Thomas Dyer, Attorney at Law

(Reprinted from a March 10, 2005 article appearing in The Watermark)

Symbolically, marriage is society’s warm embrace of coupling. It also confers more than 1,000 rights, benefits and responsibilties to participants. In essense, marriage allows two people to carve out a legal niche, to define themselves as more than just citizens, but also as members of a mutually supportive team – a family. It is an alliance our culture encourages – unless you happen to be gay.

But if you’re willing to be proactive, it is possible to draft documents that recreate many of the most important aspects of legal marriage. There are several attorneys throughout Florida who can assist you with this process. Depending on the work completed, the cost will range from less than $1000 (living will or deed), to $1,000 or more (complete estate-planning package for two including a revocable living trust).