Family Law

A summary of some frequently covered areas in family law as they affect LGBT persons in this state.  For specific situations, you should consult an attorney . . .

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Estate Planning

Symbolically, marriage is society’s warm embrace of coupling. It also confers more than 1,000 rights, benefits and responsibilties to participants . . .

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IMPORTANT: The pages of our Resource Center are intended to provide easy access to a number of sources for information that may be relevant to the LGBT community. Central Florida GALLA has made no attempt to verify the accuracy of the content provided in any of these pages or the links contained in these pages, […]

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Directory of our Members

The individuals or firms included on this page have asked that they be listed as LGBT friendly and familiar with LGBT specific issues. This list is not intended to be and should not be viewed either as an advertisement for, or as a source of referral to, any individual or firm included. This list should […]

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Central Florida Gay & Lesbian Law Association

Central Florida Gay & Lesbian Law Association

A Voluntary Bar Association of the Florida Bar


  • To establish and maintain an integrated group to support, assist, and encourage gay and lesbian attorneys, legal professionals, and law students, and
  • To provide support and resources to the community at large on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) issues.

CFGALLA’s Winter Wonderland


The Central Florida Gay & Lesbian Law Association (CFGALLA) invites you to join us for our winter celebration! Come to our Winter Wonderland, and celebrate with us. The event will be held on January 17th, from 5pm to 8pm, at The Hammered Lamb, in Orlando.

For this event, we are asking for $10 donations – all donations will benefit the Zebra Coalition, a network of organizations dedicated to helping LGBT+ youth deal with issues such as homelessness, discrimination, and other struggles.

We hope to see you there!

Beyond DOMA – 2014 Florida Legislative Initiatives




Stonewall LGBTA Law Association invites you to come get informed about LGBT Equality initiatives planned for the 2014 Florida legislative session. Our distinguished panelists include Florida District 49 House Representative, Joe Saunders and Chad Cronon, Esq., President of the Central Florida Gay & Lesbian Law Association.

CFGALLA Statement Regarding the Release of Documents Ordered in Becker v. University of Central Florida Board of Trustees

CFGALLA Statement Regarding the Release of Documents Ordered in
Becker v. University of Central Florida Board of Trustees

The Central Florida Gay and Lesbian Law Association (CFGALLA) strongly supports the concept of the American classroom as a free marketplace of ideas, an idea espoused by the U.S. Supreme Court in Keyishian v. Board of Regents of Univ. of State of N.Y., 385 U.S. 589, 603 (1967), wherein learning is had through the open exchange of dialogue concerning the participants’ knowledge and beliefs. In that vein, CFGALLA encourages the sort of scholarly research which is routinely undertaken by academic institutions like the University of Central Florida (UCF). A free marketplace of ideas, however, necessarily implies that those ideas will be permitted to flow amongst the participants without interference by the very operator of that marketplace. UCF’s apparent attempt to prevent the dissemination of email messages and documents in its possession related to the peer-review process behind the Regnerus study went beyond providing a forum in which ideas could be exchanged to controlling the discussion. A recent ruling in the Orange County Circuit Court recognized the email messages and documents for what they were – public records which belong in the public domain.*

The Regnerus study, published in the June 2012 edition of UCF’s Social Science Research Journal, concluded that children are less likely to thrive when raised by gay and lesbian parents than when raised by straight parents. The Regnerus study’s conclusion flies in the face of more than thirty (30) years of social science research, and it has been widely criticized as flawed and biased. At the same time, the study is being touted as science by anti-gay organizations around the world and has been cited in arguing for anti-gay legislation in other countries. In ordering that the email messages and documents in UCF’s possession be turned over pursuant to a valid Public Records Act request, the court has helped to ensure that the public will learn more about the peer review process behind the Regnerus study. In this way, perhaps we will learn how bias and animus could find its way into an academic journal.

Matthew P. Tabakman, Esq.
Public Relations Director, CFGALLA
November 14, 2013


*Becker v. University of Central Florida Board of Trustees, 2013-CA-005265-O (Fla. Cir. Ct., 11/8/2013).